Seven different ways for using coffee

Not just for drinking.
7 different ways for using coffee

An espresso made from a Hardy Peru blend makes for a flavour-packed coffee break: its aroma recalls toasted bread and its notes of milk, caramel and jam are simply delicious. But what can we do with the coffee dregs? And what about that cup of leftover coffee?

Our favourite beverage has a thousand lives: it is not only conducive to concentration, helping us to face the day with a clear mind, but it can be used in many other ways. Here are some tips for not letting it go to waste.

An organic fertilizer

Thanks to its acidity, coffee can be a precious ally for the growth of your plants. Mix coffee dregs with the soil and let nature do the rest. You will be proud of your garden.

An insect repellent

What we perceive as a delicious aroma, may be an intolerable smell for some insects. So, if your balcony is invaded by ants, we advise you to leave some coffee dregs, previously left to dry, close to the ants’ nest.

An abrasive detergent

When you empty your mocha coffee pot, don’t throw away the used ground coffee but put it out to dry. Then mix it with your usual dish washing liquid and even the most stubborn grease and dirt will be easy to clean.

A good trick for keeping the drains unclogged

Don’t be afraid to pour any leftover coffee down the kitchen sink or the washbasin in the bathroom, followed by water, to keep your drain pipes unclogged and pleasantly smelling.  

A secret for furniture restorers

If you find yourself with a leftover cup of coffee, don’t throw it away but use it to damp a cloth with which to clean the surface of an old piece of wood furniture. As if by magic, the scratches and marks will be less evident.

A remedy against unpleasant odours

Do you know why they invite you to smell coffee beans in between testing one perfume and another?  Because they are able to absorb smells. Try leaving a cup of coffee in the fridge or rinse your hands with leftover coffee when handling fish or cutting onions. Any unpleasant odour will disappear.

A miraculous scrub

Ground coffee provides an efficacious and readily available treatment for the dreaded cellulitis. Mix it with almond milk or your favourite body oil and patiently massage it into the affected areas. Your perseverance will be rewarded.

From now on, you have many more reasons for keeping a plentiful supply of your favourite Hardy blend in your food cupboard.