Hardy Academy

Scent of coffee,
stories of baristas.

Coffee. We have been in love with it and have been drinking it for ages. For many people it is something that cannot be missed. But, what is its history? Who discovered this incredible product? How does it arrive to our cups? And, most of all, what is the secret for a perfect coffee?

A real barista who loves his job is expected to know the answers to these questions. But, as the great Antonio De Curtis said “No one knows it all”, and for this reason Hardy has created Hardy Academy, where long time experienced baristas or new young baristas-to-be can refine their skills with our training courses.

A real barista knows everything about coffee, and is highly aware that a good coffee cup is the sum of attention, ability and skill. The result is always that expression of great satisfaction on the face of the customer.

And you? What kinf od barista do you want to be?

Hardy Academy’s Coffee Trainers will be your trusted mentors, and will guide you to discover the secrets of the perfect coffee, unveiling the art of coffee-making and coffee-tasting. Our coffee trainers are also refined and prepared coffee tasters, with a complete knowledge of coffee and coffee-making, and you will explore this incredible universe together with them.

Hardy Academy’s courses are divided in two levels, basic and advanced, are both theoretical and practical, and go deep into the world of coffee, covering the following areas./p>

From the coffee bean to the espresso.

  • Coffee overview: history, geography and cultivation.
  • Coffee varieties and their characteristics.
  • Coffee production: picking, handling, classification, roasting, storage, packing.


  • History of the espresso coffee machine up to now.
  • Correct use of grinder and pressing device.
  • Water depuration.
  • Grinding.
  • Maintenance.

The barista's job

  • How to make a perfect espresso coffee.
  • How to make a classic cappuccino.
  • Tools.
  • The art of milk whipping.

Starting your own activity

  • How to choose the best location for your café.
  • How to select the correct appliances: guidelines.
  • Concept of your café: suggestions and fulfilment.
  • Communicating your business and commercial offer.

Hardy has been part of the cultural, human and business heritage of Milan for more than 60 years. With Hardy Academy we want to pass on our knowledge to all the passionate and dedicated baristas who want to offer a unique coffee, unforgettable from the first sip.