Our values

We want you to taste the atmosphere of the city of fashion, well-being and success.

We are different: we don’tjust talk about coffee blends, we make you the protagonist of the neverendingstory of this magic city, wherever you are.


Let the whole world enjoy the coffee of Milan.

To distribute our coffee all over the world, so that everybody will enjoy “il Caffè di Milano”, a sensational coffee for your moments of love, joy and happiness.


Innovating the tradition of coffee of Milan.

To innovate tradition with a coffee full of history, which revives in the third millennium the “social tradition” of the 60’s, when Milan was intriguing and fabulous – just like today.

Respect, we respect each and every person, and value all the people who work at Hardy, as well as all our customers and suppliers, because all of them are part of our identity.

Integrity, we’ve worked hard to build and maintain a strong corporate identity. Every decision we make is designed to guard our brand and our values.

Determination, we are all focused on the company goals and never deviate from them, managing effective projects with efficiency.

Loyalty, we establish and maintain strong and clear business relationships both inside and outside the Company, among employees, departments, customers and suppliers.

Professionalism, we always act in a professional way, with our customers, suppliers and competitors, showing respect and savoir faire.

Modesty and humilty, we know that there’s always something to learn from anybody, anywhere, no matter who, where or what.

Freedom, we promote confrontation and self-expression within the company rules, as only with free expression our company, and ourselves will become better.