The Coffee of Milan

Ideas, inspiration, logic, creativity.

All our ideas are born from a coffee cup.

A muse for the artists, a relief for the soul, a witness to the history of the millennial city of Milan. Like an actor in a supporting role on history’s stage, Hardy’s coffee conquers customers’ hearts and tastes all over Italy: it is known and renowned as “the Coffee of Milan”. An intriguing and fascinating coffee, which has been the companion of every break, every day, from the fabulous 60’s to the last millennium.

Alberto Maja has no doubt in defining Hardy’s “the best coffee in the world” and innocently reveals his preference for the “Milano” blend, created by his grand-father, Florindo. There are many stories about him, and some of them are almost legends, but one, in particular, hits our imagination. Many times Alberto has defined the “Milano” blend “a present from my grand-father Florindo”, because the recipe was casually found among old documents and has been kept the same over the years, as perfect today as it used to be.

This is how we have built our successful future in the coffee business, with commitment and focus, with passion for our city and for the craftsman’s culture of “doing it well”. This is a road we want to keep walking on, looking for the essence of taste and for the right words to describe it.