Need coffee in a hurry? Get caffeinated with 3 easy to use coffee caps.

FAP Capsules

Compatible with the most common capsule espresso machines like Lavazza Point, our FAP capsules are the convenient way to enjoy our whole bean blends. Using the FAP capsules system, our wood roasted coffee is ground, dosed and inserted into a perforated PVC container. Filter paper rests on the bottom, with a cellulose film on the top.

Nespresso compatible capsules

Love your Hardy coffee but don’t want to give up your Nespresso capsule machine? With our Nespresso compatible capsules you get all the taste and aroma of your favourite Hardy blends, compatible and ready for use in your Nespresso system.

Easy serving espresso pods

Our ESE standard (Easy Serving Espresso) pods contain 7.5 grams of ground coffee inserted between two layers of filter paper, then vacuum packed into a protective shell.